Alexa Echo AppAlexa Echo App

You have to Download Alexa Echo App if you are using Amazon Alexa device. Alexa is called as a smart virtual assistant. which works as your voice assistant and you can perform various tasks and functions using Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa is a smart speaker which have a small computer inside it. You can give it commands and voice instructions by activating it via “WAKE” word. You have to say “WAKE” it alerts the Alexa and gets it ready for listening to your instructions and commands.

When you give commands and voice instructions to your Alexa and small smart computer inside it record your voice and instructions and process it further when you are done with giving your voice instructions. After that, it searches about required information all over the web and gives you the best answer from there. When you give instructions to your Alexa device. Its small smart computer converts these voice instructions into commands and interprets them to the Alexa device.

When it understands the user’s query then it finds it on the internet and gives it to the user. Alexa gives the answer to the queries and questions or tasks in seconds. It is one of its best features. Users can do so many things using the Amazon Echo. For example, you can play music, order a pizza, order any product from Amazon, search for information on Wikipedia or web. prepare shopping lists, set the alarms, set reminder, access the calendars, workout regimes, Getting weather updates, checking flight timings, read audiobooks, making calls and sending text messages, education related queries, Sports updates, tell you about the traffic situation in your area, streaming podcasts and news. controls all the devices connected to the Echo on the same internet networks. You can use and control all the functions of your Alexa device by using Amazon Alexa Echo App.

 Features of Alexa Echo app

You can download Alexa app on your Amazon Echo, mobiles, Computers, and laptops. Alexa app works best with Amazon Echo device. If you want to download Alexa app for your Amazon Echo device. Then you can Download it from You have to follow few steps to download Alexa app on any of your devices. After that, your Alexa will be ready to use for you. Now, You have to follow the steps mentioned below to download and install the Alexa app on your Alexa-enabled device.

  1. Go t0 the homepage you will see the option of downloading Alexa Echo App.
  2. You can only download  Alexa Echo App on phones having Android 5.1 or higher configuration.
  3.  If you want to download it on your iPhone then your i-phone needs to have 10.0 or higher configuration.
  4. Once you are done with downloading Alexa Echo App, Then you can check for App’s latest updates. If you find any new update available. Then, You can download it and its new version will be there for you to use in your smartphone or computer.

After that process, you can use it with your Alexa enabled device. You have to make changes in Alexa Echo App settings. This App is basically used for controlling the functions of your Alexa-enabled device and other connected devices which are connected to your Alexa over the network.

Alexa Echo AppAbout Alexa Echo App

Alexa Echo App home screen displays you the previous interactions and activity of the features of the App you had used. Amazon has provided its users with many icons to make changes, perform tasks, view settings and functions etc. Here are some of the icons available at the bottom of the home screen for various things such as :

  • The home icon shows you the cards and all of your previous interactions which you have made with Alexa App. This icon has all the details of the things you have done using Alexa Echo App.
  • The communication icon helps you to manage your All Alexa related calling and text messages related functions and tasks. It consists of all the settings related to calling and text messages on your Alexa enabled device.
  • You can click on Alexa icon for talking to it and giving it voice commands and use all of its related features directly from your Alexa Echo App.
  • You can click on music and books icon for playing music from various streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes etc. Reading books from various services such as Amazon kindle fire and Audible.
  • The devices option is used simply used for all the devices linked to your Alexa enabled device over the internet. You can add or link any of your devices with Alexa. You can also delete devices linked to your Alexa. It also provides us with the option of viewing all the devices connected with your Alexa device.

Menu and features of Alexa Echo App

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Now you can manage all the features and Alexa related settings by going into the menu of the Alexa Echo App.

  • You can search for media such as music, radio channels, Audiobooks etc. through your Alexa. It can stream music from many music streaming services available on the Alexa app. Users can also read books with the help of various services such as Audible, Amazon kindle fire etc. You can do many more things by using Alexa Echo App.
  • Users can prepare lists by using Alexa Echo App. For example, You can prepare shopping lists, to-do lists and any kind of list for different purposes using Alexa app.
  • Users can set alarms by using Alexa Echo App. They can also set the reminders for the specific date and time so that it could remind them on that specific date and time about that thing for which they had set up that reminder.
  • You can search for various skills and enable them to improve and enhance the capabilities of your Alexa device. Which help you in doing many tasks with the help of your Alexa-enabled device.
  • It consists of the list of the phrases you can say to your Alexa device. You can have a look at all the phrases which you can say to your Alexa device and learn these phrases from there. You can also set up your own phrases too for your Alexa device.
  • This menu consists of over 75000 skills you can choose the skills of your choice and need and link these skills with your Alexa device. These skills will help in performing various tasks.

Alexa Echo AppHow can we install Alexa Echo App 

  1. You need to connect your Alexa device to the power supply.
  2. Now, Install the Alexa app on your phone.
  3. After that, you have to tap the Devices icon and the + symbol
  4. You must follow the on-screen instructions and prompts to connect the Alexa device with your Wireless network and enter its password
  5. Finally, Alexa is ready to use for you.
  1. When users open the Alexa Echo App, They have to tap on the Devices tab and tap on the + symbol located at the top after that.
  2. After that, they have to tap on Add Device
  3. Then tap on Amazon Echo.
  4. Now tap on the name of the model of Echo device that you have. This device should appear in the list on ‘Select your Amazon Echo’ page.
  5. You have to choose the language you need to communicate with your Alexa device.
  6. Your Alexa device should indicate orange light on it. If your Alexa device does not show that orange light then you have to reset it. All Alexa devices have different procedures for resetting their device.
Skills you can use in your Alexa device

Apple Music

We all know that Apple Music is one of the biggest music streaming services in the world, It was not a skill before but recently Apple music skill has launched and now you can use this skill in your Amazon Alexa device. You can stream music, songs by giving your Alexa name of the song via voice command, you can also broadcast Beats 1 Radio on your Alexa device by enabling this skill from Alexa Echo App.


Spotify is the most used skill for streaming music in your Alexa device. You can link Spotify skill to your Alexa device and it will stream music from Spotify on your Alexa device’s speakers. users can set Spotify as a default music service on their Alexa device, It will stream every song or music on your Alexa device available on Spotify.

Science Buddy

If you have kids in your home. You should install Science Buddy skill. It is a quiz which includes the subjects of earth science, biology, and physics. They give you ten multiple-choice questions, with three options each. It increases the knowledge of your kids on different topics. that’s why it is a very helpful skill.

Amazon Story Time

If you have kids this skill will also prove to be a helpful skill for you. You have to give it a command and say, “Alexa, ask Amazon Storytime to read me a story” and it will start narrating you a short story from the Audible and Amazon Rapids app library. These stories can be narrated to the children of 5-12 years of age.

Alexa Echo App

BBC News

If you want to listen to news and top headlines from all around the world, then BBC skill is best for you. For example, It updates all the latest world news updates from the BBC World news channel directly to your Alexa device.

Reuters TV

Reuters TV updates and gives us the latest news. It is one of the skills related to the news. Because it provides us with the latest news. It is perfect for your Flash Briefing of all headlines. If you are using the Echo show it will stream a video version of all those news clips on it.

The Daily from The New York Times

The Daily from the new york times gives all the top headlines Every day. In short, It streams the news for five days a week, for 15 minutes each. Hence It gives you the news updates in an audio format or audio files because it has all the news from all parts of the world. Hence Its a good companion to your morning cup of tea or a coffee.

New Features of Alexa Echo app


ESPN skill is a very helpful skill for all sports lovers because it has the track of all the sports-related details. For example which team did how many goals, Sports highlights, home runs and many more. Hence, ESPN skill gives you all the news related to the sports world. These news updates delivered to you straight from Sportscenter.

Cricket Info

Cricket info skill is used for giving you the score updates of a cricket match. As we all know cricket test matches are played out over 5 days. Very few people have the time to watch the full test match. In this case, This skill can help you in checking out the score updates of a cricket match. You can say “Alexa, ask cricket info to get score update” or “Alexa, ask cricket info to get the detailed score for England” and it will tell you the updated score.

Big Sky

Big Sky skill is used for weather and forecasting. Just ask, “Alexa, ask Big Sky for the weather in three hours” or “Alexa, tell Big Sky to give me a weather fact” and it will give you the weather update of your area.

Space Weather

You can use Space Weather skill to know about the solar environment. You have to say, “Alexa, start Space Weather” and it will give you the information about current solar wind speed, chances of a solar storm and the solar flux. Generally, this skill tells us about the movements and storms in the space.

Ambient Sounds

Ambient sounds is a skill which has all kinds of sleep sounds as these sounds are imaginary sounds. These sounds are similar to the sounds we can only dream of. Ambient skills are separate skills. You have to just say “Alexa play [enter sound]” to start it. You can say, “Alexa play Ambient Sounds”. It will give you a list of the entire range of sounds.

  • Rain Sounds
  • Ocean Sounds
  • Fireplace Sounds
  • Thunderstorm Sounds
  • Wind Chimes

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Philips Hue

Philips Hue skill is used for controlling the functions of Philips smart bulbs. You can turn on and off these lights via giving your Alexa some voice instructions. Philips Hue and Alexa work well together, You can say “Alexa, dim the living room lights to 20%” It will do it for you.Alexa Echo App

Push Up Century Club

Push Up century club is a skill which works on your body. It increases your ability to do push-ups. That’s why you should use the Push Up Century Club skill in your Alexa to improve your physical efficiency. Hence, It will work as a fitness instructor or a mentor for you. It will guide you throughout your workout and will allow you to take 30 seconds to break after each set.

1-minute Mindfulness

 for Beginners Alexa Echo app

1-minute mindfulness is a meditation skill for people who want to meditate and get a clear mind. In this case, you should try this skill if you want to do meditation. It plays relaxation sounds for a minute. Hence after the meditation session, you feel relaxed.


Bingo is also one of the most famous gaming skills in Alexa. A user has to download some bingo cards for playing this game. Even if you don’t have these cards, Alexa calls out the numbers that feature is very useful.


Uber skill is also a very helpful skill to use in your Alexa device. You have to link your Uber and Lyft account with the Amazon Alexa Echo App to allow access to Alexa to get your instructions. You have to ensure that your location is exact so the driver can find you. Even you can ask Alexa device for arrival status of the cab. You can cancel your Uber rides. Hence you can find the current location of your cab driver and send feedback about their service through this skill.